Delta 295 Nov 15

Delta 295 diverted to RJCC enroute Narita on nov 15.

Flight track shows interesting interruption while approaching Japan.

Airspeed graph shows airspeed going to 850 mph at around that time.

Can anybody find a record of the diversion? Maybe turbulence but if that airspeed is accurate that airframe must be seriously overstressed!

Nope… not gonna do it… just gonna do this…


I’m serious! Almost took that flight!

Don’t worry Jim, I’ll do it.
The speed here is ground speed, not airspeed.

So…tailwinds of 300mph+ are common at altitude…

Never mind, you obviously didn’t look at the graphs.

Just wondering why it diverted.

You can get back on your high horse now.

Well, you said airspeed and I answered accordingly. Had you correctly said ground speed and provided a link to the flight I would have looked. At any rate I did just look at the graph, the highest groundpeed was about 626 with a true airspeed (according to the filed speed on the flight plan) of 508. A difference of 118 knots, not at all uncommon, in fact according to friends who fly the North Pacific 200 knot winds are pretty common. No, I don’t know why it diverted.

At 10:59pm GSP was 739kts, 850MPH. Looked a bit unusual to me but was only one reporting point so probably a glitch.

Thought it may have been associated with a route change and the diversion.