Delta 1455 declared emergency due to fume smell,return 2 ATL

Delta 1455 declared a precautionary emergency due to passengers smelling fumes, and is returning to Atlanta. 7/29/2015 app. 10AM

Playing armchair quarterback, PIC could have diverted to Memphis, but ATL is a big hub for Delta. Also, BHM is on the way back, not much more distance than Memphis if situation had gotten worse.
Flight was heading to LAX.

I don’t know of a better way to share the audio, but via my cloud-drive link, which is not embedded, but downloadable. … _link_copy

They landed, flight been re-scheduled quickly. (this, as I implied above, it might have played in the PIC mind that ATL could service the passengers better than someplace closer)

I have never had those responsibilities, thus not second guessing them, but bring them up as a mental exercise.

The picture of me on the left; they only let me sit in it. My duties were on the ATC side.

Delta 1455 is back in the air as of around 3PM CST, … 0729/2013Z