Delayed fights

what do you do when your flight is delayed?? Do you make the best or worst of times?? I like to flightspot, I think is funny seeing people get pissed off at the people who can’t do anything about the problem.

It depends on where im at…if im at PHX or MIA i will sit around and watch all of the planes go by…have a whopper from BK and wait…if im in ATL i will sit around and watch all of the upset business people cry to the delta ramp agents and then i will go over and eat some dominos and travel around the gates to see where various flights are going. ATL and MSP are my two favorite airports for aircraft spotting because of their close proximity to the tarmac…so my answers would be eating…plane spotting and observation of other people…

I usually seek shelter in the nearest air club, wake up my slumbering laptop, sniff out the nearest open WiFi AP and surf the web, answer email, administrate two other forums, etc., etc.

At almost 60YO and having spent the better part of my adult life flying hither and yon, I’ve had my fill of irate passengers pounding on ticket counters and foaming at the mouth, to the point that I no longer enjoy the “show” and only wish for peace and quiet.

BTW, it was often just as bad inside the clubs as out with overly exercised passengers.