Delay in tracking data after departure


I’ve been able to track commerical cargo flights over my neighborhood from a nearby airport. Today the data for the first few minutes after departure of all flights is missing. Can an air carrier selectively block initial departure information? Will continue to provide access to data from past flights, even if the carrier elects to block information about new flights?

Thank you




The gap you are seeing is most likely coming straight from the FAA. FlightAware probably isn’t receiving position data until the airplanes are in radar contact with center.
This is all speculation though, having the airport and aircraft ID is helpful so we can see what you’re seeing.


Thank you for the fast reply. The airport is KRIV and the carrier is ABX (DHL). They have a unique situation sharing the airport with the military base. I haven’t tracked logs extensively, but this is the first time data has been missing for the initial departure routes. The Skyes9 departure has them departing north with a turn over residential areas. Feb 16 data on begins after they have completed their turn. Perhaps its just a one day anomoly.


Nothing unique here. Many airports are “joint use” fields such as YUM, PHNL, BLV, ABQ, etc.


Probably just a temporary issue with the position reports from the local radar site not making it up to the national system that we receive our feed from.