Default display configuration?

I’m displaying the Dump190-fa interface on a TV display wall via a Pi2 running Screenly OSE. Once Screenly displays the page, the flight table is not present, nor is there any mouse or keyboard control to set the zoom level or add NEXRAD.

Are there any config file or command line values that can control the default display options upon a browser connection? In other words, is there a way to set the default display upon client connect so that the zoom level is 10nm, radar is on and the flight table is normal?

Or is this an issue to take up with the Screenly developers?

You should be able to set the default zoom on dump1090 (DefaultZoomLvl in config). I am not sure about screenly

The config.js helped with the default zoom (10 seems to work). At least I have a starting point for mucking about to get it presentable via Screenly. I do know that enabling the clocks will completely disable the display (both the map and aircraft layers). Looks like I have much experimenting ahead.

Mahalo plenty!

Clocks vanished in version 3, but vestigial traces still remain as traps for humans messing with the config files… Guess how I found this out…

bob k6rtm