DC9 (and DC8) flight map bug?


It knows it’s a DC-9-10, and it plots on the map DC93, DC95, etc, but nothing is shown in the table.

However, if you go to
the map and table both populate.

Adding an asterisk to the end of the code (DC9*) will bring up all of the DC9’s.

It appears that the map defaults to all of a type of aircraft (e.g. when I entered DC* the map showed a DC87 but the table indicated no DC8’s were currently enroute. When I entered DC8*, the DC87 showed up.

Further research seems to indicate that all 3 letter codes that are part of a 4 letter code (e.g. PA3, DC8, DC) then all of the possibly 4 letter codes show up on the map when you enter the first 3 letters (e.g. PA31, PA32, DC87).

Also, when I entered “DC” and “B7” for aircraft type, all aircraft beginning with those codes (DC87, DC93, B737, etc) showed up on the map but nothing showed up on the chart.