DayJet Lear 60?

Hey. Need some help. DayJet has/had a Lear 60. Reg. N268WS. They shut down in Sept. 08 yet there was a flight in May 09. I don’t see where ownership was changed. Any explanations?

I recall reading that the man who started DayJet owned a Learjet 60. He probably kept it even after closing the company.

The RVSM authorizations list shows N268WS as being operated by Key Air, Inc. in addition to DayJet Services, LLC.

“Vesey Air, LLC” is one of GE Captial’s many names if I recall correctly.

Edward Iacobucci (Former Citrix Chairman) DBA - Wingedfoot Services, LLC is leasing this aircraft from GECC/Vesey Air.

I was thinking that but thought he wouldn’t have the personal funds to keep it flying.

Ahhh, I was looking at that, matter of fact, I have the excel spreadsheet up now, I noticed DayJet but didn’t notice Key Air directly below.

Thanks. I see the aircraft under Key Air’s fleet on their website.

That’s incorrect. The principal on the aircraft is a women who lives in FL. The aircraft is being operated by Key Air and is based in BCT at Avitat.

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