Dave Matthews


Anyone have any idea what the tail number is for any of the flights Dave Matthews charters or has chartered in the past? He is flying to Tampa, FL I believe sometime tomorrow from West Palm Beach, FL then flying back out tomorrow night to West Palm Beach after his Tampa show. ANY info would help me a great deal! Thanks! 8)


PSSSssssst… take a lesson from my Gene Simmons post…

…or are you ratcheting it up a notch?


Now I know this cool cat Dave, although I would have posted it as the “jazz great Dave Matthews” for those not in the know (a la me and Simmons).


Dave Matthews band isn’t jazz, but they do partake in some of the same…activities… as those jazz musicians of the good old days! :unamused:


Playing saxamaphone? :wink:


Well, some of the “hardware” vaguely resembles a saxaphone, but you don’t blow into it…

Listen to Jimmy Buffet’s Pencil Thin Mustache if you really need it spelled out, but I think you get it.:wink:


Does he paint his face in kabuki-style make-up, breathe fire, spit blood, sell over 80 million albums and play over 2,000 shows to millions of loyal fans? No, wait a minute… that would be the same activities of a rock legend… :mrgreen: