Database of all flights booked in your life?


Hi all,

I just registered to ask you the following question:
do you know if it is possible to recover information about all flights that I took in my life?
is there a database with a list of booked flights for a specific person?

I am wondering if somewhere I can insert my name/nationality/ID and to get as result the list of booked flights over my life.

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No, this data is not stored in any centralized place and in fact, governments didn’t even keep track of this info until well after 9/11.

Some airlines can pull all the flights you have flown on that airline from their Frequent Flyer database (if you used a frequent flyer number for all your flights). But this generally isn’t something they do without a good reason.


Yes. But if you find out who has the list they have to kill you to maintain the secret.


The National Security Agency will neither confirm nor deny that they maintain such a list.


A little research may help you. If you know the dates of your flighs and the origins/destinations, you may be able to reconstruct some of your flights by going to the BTS On-Time statistics. Once you have found them you can enter them into a great site called flightmemory. It’s located at

Once you’ve entered data you can get all sorts of statistics on your flights. Here’s an example using my flights:


I am pretty sure I know where I’ve been. Its where I am headed that I am more concerned about. :unamused:


Thx you all for your asnwers.

I would like to show you something but I do not know how to attach a picture to this post.
Anyways, on the web-site of Ryanair, a low-cost company flying in Europe, I can actually get my past and future flights booked with that company. I do not think they are all those I booked with Ryanair, but it’s something.
this is the link … ingHistory