Data Rates

Working on setting up an network of 10-15 receivers.

A number of receivers will be located in remote locations with lower grade internet service and hosts will be sensitive about degrading their internet bandwidth.

I need an estimate for MLAT enabled data rates, with a guess of something like 5000 positions an hour for the peak with 50 percent of them ADS-B. (definitely not Houston or Atlanta data rates!!!).

Multilateration traffic is heavily dependent on the ADS-B / Mode S ratio in your area and how much overlap there is between receivers. More Mode S or more overlap means more multilateration candidates and more traffic.

It’s somewhere around 3-5kB/s for a busy site in Europe with good overlap:

06/14/2015 16:14:45 mlat: Receiver:  960.3 msg/s received     18.3kB/s from receiver
06/14/2015 16:14:45 mlat: Server:      0.0 kB/s from server    0.0kB/s TCP to server   4.6kB/s UDP to server

Thanks; Looks like I will not have any significant problems.