Data mistake for KRIV?


Departures for KRIV on 12/20/07 show flight TSU8376 at 3:17 PT, KRIV to ANC. Flight has only partial radar tracking coverage. KRIV Airport Director claims flight didn’t depart KRIV and must be a FlightAware data mistake.


FlightAware doesn’t make up data. It looks like it’s a mistake in the data provided by the FAA. There’s a TSE8376, aircraft: MD11, that is scheduled to go from RIV to ANC. So, it appears that it is a typo in the flight plan.

Contract Air (TSU), doesn’t have any aircraft larger than a 727-100.


Great answer, thank you.

The FAA makes mistakes? :open_mouth:


Kinda hard to believe that anyone in the government would make a mistake? After all, they have a big profit motive to not make mistakes - NOT!