Data for NTSB

I run a PiAware (SD Card) 7.2 installation with very good visibility over the local municipal airport. Four days ago there was a non-injury plane crash south of the runway that the local paper reports is being investigated by the NTSB. The aircraft was completely consumed in fire.

Is there a way for me to determine if my installation has recorded any information that might be useful to the NTSB? Are there steps I can take to preserve this data?

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Your Pi doesn’t log your received messages, but the sites you feed do.
As this happened near an airport, it’d be fair to assume the airport has a good log of what was happening in the area.

Track the aircraft using it’s tail#. Once you have the flight involved, view the track log and your site id# will be listed next to data points used from your site.

Yes! The final three locations reported by the aircraft were recorded by FlightAware from my station. The final location closely matches the newspaper report. Thanks for the tip!

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