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Data collecting script

Hi scripting experts!
I have been running a command for sometime that logs info on new aircraft I have not spotted before, it is basically reading port 30003 and dumping it to a text file through some egrep/grep filters.

Recently I scripted it up to try and get it to run daily instead of just leaving it running till I next checked as the output files were getting rather large.

Here is the script (feeder.sh)
NOW=$(date +%d%m%Y-%H)
wget -O - -q | egrep --line-buffered ‘MSG,6’ | grep -Ev -f known.txt >> /home/pi/logs/$NOW.txt

The known.txt file is the list of ICAO hex codes I have seen (I update this manually), format is 00A2E4|00B290|00FCE8|06A066 etc…

If I run the script from a command prompt, it runs fine. If I schedule it to run from crontab (05 07 * * * /home/pi/feeder.sh) it is also fine

Now the issue I am having is how to kill the process everyday. I tried “00 07 * * * kill $(pgrep feeder.sh >/dev/null 2>&1)” to kill the process but it keeps running.

I suspect I need to target the wget commands instead. I am no expert on crontab and are only using the pi user one not root.

I also don’t fully understand the purpose of >/dev/null 2>&1 at the end of the crontab commands. When I ran my script with that it would start and immediately terminate, so I removed the >/dev/null 2>&1 statement and this issue went away, if I remove that from the terminate statement it kills the whole pi!