Dashboard Display Project for Flight Aware


Following on from a question I had earlier in the year, I created a simple dashboard display that pulls the data from the FlightAware web server and displays these on an 1620LCD Display, which also included alerts for Emergency Squawks etc.

I have loaded details of the project to my blog here: Ground Control to Major Tom – Part 3 – Dashboard – www.muckypaws.com

And source code to my GitHub Repo here: GitHub - muckypaws/FlightControl: Source code for the Ground Control to Major Tom Raspberry Pi Project adding an LCD1602 display to show real-time flight metrics gained from FlightAware.

As I’m still very much a novice with this stuff, it would be great to get some feedback from the more experienced in the group on whether this works for you.

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That looks interesting. I don’t have any LCD displays but this project looks as though it might be useful for a portable system.


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