Dash Cam on the Citation Bravo from LNK to BJC


I put a gopro on the dash the other day for our flight from Duncan to BJC in Colorado. Pretty fun! Video link below.



Uh, would be nice to see it in real time rather than sped up…


It takes a special person to sit and watch a video like that for over an hour.


But the special (or not so special) person can always skip through it or, depending on their video player, make it go faster. I really would have liked to see it at real time.

Others may not do this but something like this is also nice to have running (at real time) in a window that I can view while doing other stuff on the computer.


I did a similar video for a flight to Telluride from BJC. We did two laps in the hold and then went to Montrose. Link below.