Dane Cook

I figured since I got enough flack asking about Coldplay, I might as well mention Dane Cook as well…he is loved and hated! Any idea how he is traveling through the skies?

I think he uses an airplane for most of his travels in the skies.


Probably Southwest Airlines, unless he needs business class…

why wouldn’t he be flying chartered since that’s what he did the last 2 tours?

G1V–out of VNY- blocked tail #

Who is Dane Cook? :confused:

You need to get out more often :wink:

Allegedly he’s a comedian. Of course if you like real comedy, he’s not.

Some of his stuff is funny, but he doesn’t really excite me either.

This bird, N729SB brought Dane Cook to Calgary for his show.


Has also been using N130CH

dabbledap gets yelled at or something on every post :confused:

No he doesn’t.

Warren Buffet thread - gave bad info and was questioned on it

George Strait thread - corrected the spelling of George’s last name by the OP

Coldplay thread - Since “40 year-old Virgin”, anyone who has seen that movie will make that reference. Judging by your response, you had yet to see (or maybe still haven’t) that movie.

Dane Cook (this) thread - Again, while not intentional, he asked a question that would likely get a smart ass answer, and with his “touche” reply, he knew it and more than likely understood it as a joke. From there, his question was answered.

okay, okay :neutral_face: . i’ve only seen this post and his coldplay one-sorry :unamused:

lol you would think a comedian would use the airlines… all the crap that goes on these days with airline travel would be a gold mine for a stand-up comic.

This is comedy: John Pinette - at his finest! V2 - YouTube)

What Dane Cook does isn’t comedy IMHO.