DAL flies CVG-SEA, but not always. Why?


It’s great to be able to get nonstop service from CVG to SEA but Delta seems to fly this route only sporadically. Does anyone know why this might be?




I’m going to guess: sport team charters. Next time you see the route, check the schedules for your local sports teams. Either the SEA team is heading home, or one of you local teams is heading to SEA to play.


Thanks for the guess. However, according to flightmapper.net the route is flown Dec 20-29 in December, then Jan 1-4 then no service until April 23, when it resumes daily through August.

Not exactly aligned with sports charters, plus the times I have taken this flight I have not noticed teams travelling.

If I were guessing, I would think it MIGHT be tied to cruise ship business in and out of Seattle. Does this make sense?


Well, it makes more sense than my guess!


It’s a seasonal route for them, They know they can get enough passengers in the summer time to make the route profitable.

The December dates are operated due to the Christmas holiday. The summer service may be operated, among other reasons, for the large number of cruise ships that operate from Seattle (and Vancouver) during the summer time.