Daily, Weekly, or Monthy track overlay


I was thinking recently about how to view where an aircraft has been in the last day, week, or month on the flight track map.

Currently, you can see each individual leg an aircraft has traveled, but I think it would be useful to be able to view a map that combines all of these tracks for the last day, week, or month on 1 map.

Just a neat idea and future request…



Sounds good to me. The only drawback I can possibly see is clutter, especially for an aircraft of, say, NetJet or Bombardier that goes all over the nation in a month. A weekly or daily map wouldn’t have has much clutter.


I had the same concern since my dad flies for a fractional company… The thing that would be neat about a monthly map would be that the clutter would allow to see (roughly) which destinations were flown to often and how much flying the airplane did that month.



It could look something like this:
My flights from last month:


It looks like you hit KMHT only once during the month, cfijames. I thought that was your base.

Do you ever fly through KLWM?


Maybe your eyes are better than mine, but the whole area of southern NH looks like a blurb of lines and dots to me, with no way to distinguish an order or number of trips to/from any of those airports. :open_mouth: <-(me)


It just looked that way, on top of the specific dates I filtered it for. I’ve never been to LWM yet.
All flights as of Oct 2nd (minus one flight in Hawaii)

and zoom in on the Northeast:


I doubt that my eyes are better than yours, planeaholic. It’s just that I know where Manchester should be on a blank map of NH. I didn’t mess with that ‘blurb of lines and dots’.


LWM was sort of the old stomping ground when I was growing up. My dad would take me and my younger brother out there to watch the planes taking off and landing. Then Northeast started flying MHT/LWM/ORH/LGA with its two-engine Convairs. Man, did I ever want to fly on one of those — and was I ever envious when my aunt took my brother on a trip to NYC with her.

I didn’t get to fly for about another eight years after that, when I flew BOS/LGA on Eastern. It wasn’t much of a flight, but I sure was excited by it.

Since then I’ve been on more than 500 flights, but I not doing that much any more. However, I’ve never lost the sense of excitement about flying.


I think this would be a really neat feature. …and now that the fleet tracker feature has been released, a fleet map would be really cool as well!

I hope this feature is added in the future.