Daily Squawk/Headline Email no longer sent

I’ve done a few searches on the subject, but can’t find anything, so apologies in advance if this has already been covered …

I’ve noticed that since the 16th June, I’ve not received any of my usual daily popular squawk emails

Checked all my account settings, and set/reset my details, but to no avail

Anyone else been having the same issue ? Or having a similar problem with daily emails not being sent ?


Yes, we sent out thousands this morning. Will look into your account.

Thanks, most appreciated, really miss my daily update :smiley:

Any progress ?

** bump **

We are looking into this. It appears that 5-10% of users are not reliably receiving the newsletter. I can confirm that we don’t show it going out to you on our side, either.

SPRANG back into life this morning , thanks for fixing this guys !!

Glad we got you taken care of. Thanks for letting us know!