Daily Fleet Flight Log

Avid user of this site, and wondering if you would be able to look into implementing a feature that would be a godsend to us flightsim hobbyists. Many of us use your site religously. Could you possibly implement a feature that would allow an individual to look at a log of the total number of flights per fleet with usual data for that day? As not to require to much data possibly have a one day backlog? Im not a developer by any means but im aware you have the data so im sure it could be implemented if there was a want for it. I know this would help out the vast community that create flight plans such as myself for use in our flightsim. Please give it a thought, you would make the flightsim community very happy! :smiley:

Welcome to Flight Aware tvalenti!

Does this help??


Emphasis below are mine - damiross


I won’t be condescending and say “welcome to FlightAware,” tvalenti, because it sounds like you’ve been using the site for a while.

The link given above is not what you want, although it comes close. The link shows you what flights are *currently *in the air. It does not show you the current day’s flights.

As damiross stated yes, i am well aware of that wonderful link but “The link shows you what flights are currently in the air. It does not show you the current day’s flights.” This however is exactly what im looking for a link that would give me a log of the current days flights. Is there a way that it could be changed to add this? or instead of having just the flights in the air for that time create a log for the entire day of aircraft for that fleet that have been airborne? I usually want to check this data for a previous day say, yesterday, for example, but the current system doesn’t allow me to do that. It would be wonderful however if it did. Might a feature such as this possibly be added?

I don’t really understand the request. You want a graph of the number of operations/day for an airline? Or you’re trying to find the routes being used? Have you used the IFR Route Analyzer?

Sorry if i am a bit confusing. The simplest way i can put it is im looking for a page similar to the fleet page but instead of listing all aircraft airborne for that time that one checks, have it be a list for all flights that have flown for that day for that fleet. Im pretty much looking for a 24hour list of all flights for fleet x,y, or z. Not a route analyzer or graph, just a page that shows the x amount of flights for the fleet for the day. If Fedex flew 100 flights yesterday (12AM-12PM), per say, i would like to see a page (or an extension of the fleet section) that shows all 100 flights for that day with the same data found on the fleet page … am i making it any clearer? Thnx for the responses! haha i hope im not making it too complex…