Dad Takes Son To School In Helicopter

What a surprise, it happened in Florida.

CLERMONT, Fla. – An investigation has been launched after a man took his son to his first day of high school in a helicopter and landed the chopper on the Clermont campus without permission.

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Bart Southern, who rented the blue and white Hughes 300 helicopter from Air Orlando, said he flew his son to East Ridge High School “to make a positive impression on the other students,” according to a Lake County sheriff’s report.

Two deputies spotted the helicopter at about 7 a.m. Monday and soon thereafter received calls from school officials about the helicopter, which landed behind some portables on the east side of campus, the report said.

It’s not known how many students witnessed the landing.

The school principal, David Cunningham, requested that an investigation be launched to find out if there was an emergency. Deputies contacted the FAA, which said the chopper had been rented by Southern.

According to the Lake County sheriff’s report, Southern admitted that he landed the helicopter on the campus.

Cunningham said he would “forward the information though his chain of command,” the report stated.

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How cool, I’d do it for my kids, However id probly try and get permission from the school first.

That sounds like a pretty good way to be popular, i had to eat 75 live goldfish and the person i was competing against was some jock on the football and wrestling team. i told him i have to win so that people wont pick on me. He told me if i stopped, he would kick anybody ass who picked on me, i stopped. He won, i never got picked on.

The helicopter thing sound like more fun!

Please, what a tool.