D B Cooper flies again

seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/356 … ource=mypi

Surely somebody has a history on the plane involved in this event? Is it still around?

Nevermind… http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b8/CheckM8/metal-1.gif

Here’s the airplane today…

And a LINK to todays owners

And a LINK to the airline that flew it last.

Having done some research, I’ve concluded that the photo leardvr posted (posted on jetphotos.net in 2004) is legit. The link I posted above could not be the one. My apologies to all - I’ve edited my link above to reflect the error.

It’s been at least 4 years since that photo was taken. I wonder if the stairs are intact…

I wish I had a pic… but after D. B.'s extra-vehicular excursion from the aft airstair, most 727 operators installed a spring-loaded lock called the Cooper Vane that prevented the opening of the aft airstair in flight. When at a sufficient airspeed, airflow against a fin perpendicular to the flow would rotate the lock 90 degrees preventing an opening. All of AA’s Seven Two’s had it.

I found one… http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=5872972&nocomments=true

B727-51 18803 Line Number: 137 First Flight 9-4-65

N407US assigned but not used.
N467US…22-4-65…Northwest Airlines
N838N…6-6-78…Piedmont Airlines
…1-12-82…leased to United Technologies returned 1-2-83
…1-5-83…leased to Flight Dynamics for Heads-up display
…testing returned 20-1-84
…9-84…Key Airlines
N29KA…5-85…Key Airlines reregistered
…1-87…AvSales/Key Airlines
…7-88…WorldCorpLeasing/Key Airlines

Withdrawn from use Feb 93, flown to Greenwood MS Oct 93 to be
broken up. Scrapped 1996.

CLICK HERE On November 24, 1971, Dan Cooper boarded a Northwest Orient Airlines flight and demanded and received a $200,000. On the return flight he parachuted into the forest and has never been seen again. The disappearance of D.B. Cooper is one of the greatest aviation stories of all time because to this day, nobody knows if he really succeeded.

In 1995 or 1996 I flew BOS-BDA (TXKF for those of the ICAO persuasion) on a US 727-200. There were no jetways at BDA at the time (and maybe there still aren’t) and passengers in the rear half of the aircraft were told to deplane via the aft stair. However, we were in the front half and had to deplane using a normal airstair at the front door. Really missed my opportunity there.

In a March 26, 2008 interview on The Roe Conn Show on WLS (AM) in Chicago, Larry Carr, the former lead investigator for the case, stated that one of the two missing parachutes (ones that Cooper allegedly used) was actually a deactivated training chute that was accidentally given to Cooper.

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The area where the money was found in 1980 and this chute now are very close. The money might have fallen straight down and the body on the chute would have been blown east with the prevailing winds. It makes sense.

map of the area
The green arrow is on the area where the chute was found. The money was found in an area along the Columbia River five miles North West of Vancouver.

Found a close up:

Isn’t there a lever in the cabin to move the Cooper Vane back to the “open” position, ostensibly in case the vane doesn’t return on its own?

No, not as far as I know.

JHEM is correct…if the spring fails, it must be unlocked from the outside.

Clever little device. I had the pleasure of deplaning via the rear stairs a couple times. Watch your head!

Well, shozbot. Chapter 8 of the stooopid novel I’ve been working on for, like, um, 14 years is completely shot. And the last half of Chapter 13. In fact, probably 8 or 9 characters are completely hosed.

Maybe I should stop working on the novel for a while and go back to work on The Manifesto. I can see it now … Chapter 347: Just Because a Guy’s Got an A&P Ticket Doesn’t Mean He Really Knows Doodly-Squat About Airplanes.

Nanoo Nanoo Mork… If you stopped to think about it you’d soon realize that having a handle in the cabin to open the vane is the same as having no vane to begin with! :slight_smile:

I think that there wasn’t a D. Cooper. I think the crew were all in on it and split the cash.
Let’s see:

  1. no passengers mention or describe Cooper.
  2. a parachute and some cash was tossed out to make it look like he jumped
  3. no one EVER has said “hey that drawing looks like so and so”
  4. the crew had intimate knowledge of the plane’s ability and workings
  5. the following F106 jets didn’t see anyone jump (weather)

secrets like that don’t stay secret for very long.

What about that broad from San Diego that got popped after 32 years on the lam? Thats a long time to keep a secret, and Cooper is most likely dead now and I’m quite sure he ain’t talking

Not to mention the Austrian with his naughty little basement family secret…