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CVG May madness

 Over the month of May Southwest Airlines as well as United Airlines have announced they will be adding more non-stop routes out of Cincinnati and CVG will also be adding 2 new airlines to the airport. Southwest announced that they will be starting service to Sarasota as well as Fort Myers beginning June 12th 2021. United Airlines announced new routes out of CVG which will operate 3 days a week starting May 27th and 28th these routes include: Hilton Head Island; Charleston, South Carolina; Pensacola, Florida and Portland, Maine beginning. Also in May, Alaska Airlines will be coming to CVG and begin flying to Seattle, WA on May 20th, 2021. Sun Country will also be coming to CVG this May and will be flying non-stop to Minneapolis, Minnesota starting May 14, 2021. This May at CVG airport will be very busy

-Brett Bauman