Cute Coincidence

Flew back to Seattle from San Jose this morning arriving at 8:55am. Was looking at my flight map and spied a familiar Tail Code. N276SY. Here is My Flight this morning

N276SY Flight Tracking and History 19-Dec-2021 (KSJC-KSEA) - FlightAware

Sure enough, it was the same plane I flew on earlier going from Seattle to Vancouver BC going over my house. This after all day doing runs back and forth from San Jose to Seattle and back again, and now Seattle Vancouver and back again. Busy airplane

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I live a little ways north of Portland, OR, and I was flying home from Sacramento one time & realized that since the airline had me connecting in Seattle, I was going to fly right over my house.

I actually paid for the in-flight wifi so that I could vpn into my home network, open my SkyAware page, and watch my plane fly over.

It’s kind of sad-sounding when I say it out loud, but it was super exciting at the time!


Others might not understand, but I bet most or all of us here do. :grin:


I often find it interesting to click on the tail number in the FlightAware flight page and then scroll down to Past Flights and marvel at just how many hours modern planes spend in the air, day in and day out. Southwest fleet especially, given their quick turnarounds.

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