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Customized web interface for dump1090-fa

That’s quite some aggressive retrying :wink:


A lot goin on…

dhclient was used on an old Raspbian version i believe.

Consider starting fresh with a Buster Lite image :slight_smile:

If it wasn’t clear from my last post, altitude colored range outlines are now integrated.
The colors match exactly as they use the same calculation as the other colors :slight_smile:

Already wrote the instructions in an earlier post

It is a fresh buster lite image…

Hmm, just curious because it’s using dhclient, thought dhcpcd was the default.

I’ve added some scaling to the aircraft icons.
Note the scaling isn’t meant to represent actual scales, just some relative differences.

A388 is a little bigger than the other 4 engined jets.
Slight differences now between B752, A321, B739, B738, A320 …
(maybe too subtle but i don’t want to make the icons too small :slight_smile: )

E55P and PRM1 are now quite a bit smaller
Most Cessna Citation are a bit smaller as well.

Left the gulfstreams and challengers the normal icon size for now because they are actually quite large compared to CRJs for example.


Good work, thank you

And now the gliders are only a 1x1 Pixel or? (just kidding)

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Feature request, I would like to search the list of plane tracks by the last couple of digits in the ident column. The way flight controllers sometimes abbreviate the callsign when giving instructions.

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I could make a search that goes from last to first character in priority.

But i’m not sure how to enable that.
Maybe just make i the reverse sorting you get when you click the column twice.

Sorting descending by alphabet isn’t really needed.

hm… what is the similarity if you choose the last couple of characters from ident code?
I tried to find some to understand your request, but i did not get it…

Maybe a search by wildcard *xxx, many times I hear flight controllers call a private plane with just last two alphanumeric or a scheduled commercial with the last three or four digits.

Ctrl-F in the browser? :slight_smile:

Anyway i’ve implemented a sorting which goes from last to first character.
Which should help such cases.

I think i’ll just put it in and wait for people to complain.
Much like the M and R buttons, a little mystery!

If you want to try the strange sorting, it’s in the new version.
Might revert it though depending if someone complains.


The aircraft which cannot be determined from type are always small, correct?

There are some A320 which are not identified by FA showing up smaller than others which are registered on the map.

Yes those get a strange icon.

Unless they have sufficiently modern ADS-B to broadcast the aircraft category.
Those then get displayed correctly despite not having the type A320 specified.

This is not an ADS-B version issue, it’s an avionics configuration issue. All versions of ADS-B transmit the category code, but without further configuration the transponder is going to send A0.


Seems some Chinese airlines are especially good at configuring their brand new avionics:



In contrast a United B789


The actual B789 code is from the database, so the Chinese airline is not to blame in regards to that.
But they with correct configuration L2J (2 jet engines) and H (heavy) would have been included.

And Air India is doing the L2J and H correctly, but not the category:


Air Canada also seems rather bad at properly programming their avionics.

The only thing that is transmitted is the category. The aircraft type descriptor (B789), description (L2J), and wake category (H) are from the json db. (Wake category can also be inferred from the aircraft category, but I can’t remember offhand if skyview does that)

You probably want a sensible default icon for aircraft where you have no type information at all (no category or db entry) because it’s pretty common.

installed latest version 30 minutes ago.

100% cpu…:frowning:

Sorry for that :wink:

Just pushed out a new version!

And pushed out another one, i’m working on incorporating some pfclient data like in the 3d viewer. (if you open the console log you should see the aircraft for which type info from that source was used)

Thinking if i also should display the route info somewhere.

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