Custom Private Aircraft


I am a cabinet maker/ millwork manufacture. I am trying to explore the chances of customizing out a private jet. I would love to know if there’s anyone who might know who I should contact. I have some really great custom ideas and believe a corporate jet could benefit from my abilities.


Weight! You want to do what?


Start with the FAA standards for fire resistance, etc. of materials that may be used in different classes of aircraft.


Start at a completion center and get an idea of what goes into the cabinetry of a bidness jet, cause most of it ain’t wood. As MANBOI said, it’s all about weight,and wood is heavy. There are subcontractors who build cabinetry for mod and completion centers so you might learn the ropes there,but jumping in cold just won’t happen. Something about FAR,s. Not questioning your ability, only your chosen method of entering the industry.


Most aircraft cabinets are a fiberglass or carbon honeycomb core with a fine wood laminate covering it. The core cabinets are generally glued together using special adhesives and composite honeycomb fasteners.

Way different world than a typical wood cabinet maker.


Can’t help but think of that movie Overboard when Kurt Russell is hired to re-do the closet on a luxury yacht :smiley:
and ends up like this

But I hope you get your chance! Ideas and ingenuity are what makes this country great!