Cuba/Australia Flight N90AM

Looks like they used N90AM out of Teterboro to get get they guy back to Australia that we have had detained in Cuba.

I hope we billed the Australian Goverment!!

That is one big G-V!!

Great pic!! Thanks. Sorry about the poor grammer. ie: get get I must have fat fingered it.

She is a nice piece of iron!!

Read that we would not let them enter our airspace from Cuba back to OZ…

Don’t know about that. US policy for flights to/from Cuba is ambiguous, to say the least. American Eagle and Lynx air have frequent, if not regular, flights from FLL. I can understand Lynx may be some sort of defense subcontractor for cargo, but American Eagle??? I also saw a few lifeguards fly out of there.


Airport: Teterboro / Teterboro, NJ (KTEB)
Last Update: 2005-04-20 12:15:02
Max Passengers: 13
Speed (KTS): 450
Range: 13.5 hours (distance: )
Hourly Rate (USD): 6500.00
Hourly Fuel (USD): 250.00
Overnight Fee (USD): 900.00
Takeoff Adjustment (minutes): 12
Landing Adjustment (minutes): 12
Landing Fee (USD): 150.00
Per Trip Minimum (USD): 13500.00
Per Trip Fee (USD): 0.00
Per Leg Fee (USD): 0.00
Registered Owner

City TETERBORO State NEW JERSEY Zip Code 07608-1021

Oz news coverage](David Hicks in custody) of Hicks arrival, after flight from Gunatanamo/Tahiti/Adelaide (Edinburgh Air Force Base)

N90AM](N90AM | Gulfstream G-V | Private | Mark Abbott | JetPhotos)

Robreid and Snowbird thanks so much you guys are great. I read it in the Aus press that since that guy was on board they had them go around at one point. Would not know where it actuall happened outta Cuba headed that way.

There are dozens of charter flights between the US and Cuba every week. I’ve had the priviledge of studying in Cuba twice and I’ve flown on a United aircraft from Miami to Havana, an American Eagle aircraft from Santiago de Cuba to Miami and a TACA aircraft from Los Angeles to Havana.

Obviously, most flights operate between Miami and Havana but JFK has a weekly flight and SJU sees some occasional service.

The regulations for boarding these flights are pretty intense. I was only allowed 44lbs of luggage (carry on and checked). They went through EVERYTHING. I had to show my US Treasury license issued by OFAC that allowed me to board the aircraft and spend US currency on the island. Check in times begin 4 hours before departure. Upon arrival in Cuba, all US charter flights taxi to a special terminal (Terminal 2) built for US arrivals only. There’s a heavy military presence on the ground as you walk in. Cuban passport control officers are professional albeit a bit scary in their direct questioning.

I can tell you that some of the most amazing expressions of love and emmotion can be seen at that terminal building as family members who haven’t seen each other in decades are reunited with each other. Incredibly moving…


It is crazy that they chartered such a nice plane! I have flown in N90AM from Teterboro to the Dominican Republic, what an incredible flight!