CRON job for B744 or B748 to or from KLAS?


How can I get notification of all 747 takeoffs
and landings at KLAS? It’s mostly VS and BA,
so monitoring them shouldn’t be all that hard.
I’ve contacted BA and submitted a request to
be given access to their XML stream. I’m not
sure about what VS is going to allow. I have
an account at, er,, so the
little I know about POST may be part of the
missing pieces.

I’m honestly scrambling to learn what I need
to learn about XML, the airline feeds, online
tools and resources, etc. to easily generate
what I want, rather than struggling through
difficult solutions. Somehow, I think there
has to be an easy way to get the information
I’m imagining, but what I lack is the
experience in the programming realm to
know what’s already there. Inexperience is
my primary obstacle right at the moment.

To be clear, I’m willing to do the work–I just
need help in having the experienced
programmers point me to the right pieces
so I can pick them up and build what’s easy
to build.

I’m thinking that I have to build my own
parser to read through the XML, but then I
wonder if it’s already been done somewhere
and all I have to do is have an account
created, plug in some key data in a few
fields, and have it generate what I’m looking


Las Vegas, NV