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Cpu load

im running 2 systems my 32bit goes potty when i do upgrades
cpu temp is fine
sdcard ?

It’s normal to see lots of CPU use during an upgrade.

Ah thankyou for quick reply
its nearly 30 minutes so far and still on 35%

Open a second SSH session and launch sudo htop
The RPI Monitor is not checking this every second but has some delays

Then you can see which processes are causing this. Depending on the update size, such peaks are normal.

98% cpu as per normal with piaware etc no difference
i dont have the same problem on my 64bit setup
that went fine with a 90% load on system

I just stopped dump no cpu use #
but upgrade still stuck
now that is strange

55minutes in and only now resuming upgrade 63% now

Is there any specific reason to upgrade?
I never upgrade, and my setup runs fine.
If image is very old and new version is available, I re-image.

yes rpimonitor said 27 updates 3 days ago but thismorning i get another 17 upgrades
only reason

I often get this notice, but I simply ignore it.


i do also only update when rpimonitor announces updates
but updates all done now
a bottle neck somewhere
but all fine now i will reso sdcard and rule out 1 thing at time

I am running upgrades reglularly on all of my three devices (1x RPI3, 2x RPi4) and the upgrade never took longer than 10 Minutes.

So your SD card might be broken, files cannot be stored -> upgrade got stuck.
Maybe, maybe not

Be aware that sometimes RPIMonitor fails in displaying the upgrades properly
Sometimes it says “xx upgrades available” but when i try it on command line, the system says “all up to date”
I am not relying on RPI Monitor but run it from command line

Thankyou for reply
i will buy some more good sdcards and redo both systems
i did notice firmware has upgraded today to
i had to lower my cpu load down by 10% to copy what i have had run at before today
but new images will sort it i hope
i only see rpimonitor but use command line

many thanks