Coverage Map - ALL Site Names removed - WHY?

why are all site names removed from the coverage map?

I was going to ask the same question.
It becomes very difficult to get in touch with other feeders from the same country.
I was using it to discuss locations, antennas and other stuff.

I think there is a bigger outage.
I can’t even see my own sites on my own FA page.

We’ve migrated away from Google Maps to Openlayers due to licensing issues and availability in China, so there will be some issues during this transition. We’re also re-evaluating the map on the feeder page and looking to make it less obtrusive and also more useful. More soon.

Pleaseee bring back this feature…
It was VERY useful to keep track of the feeders near mine…

Sure, can you provide more info about how you used it or how we could even improve the feature?

As the number of sites increased, the old map had rendering problems.
It would frequently hang and not generate.
The new one is snappy fast and that is nice

One can still can see close by (100 miles or so) sites in your area on your site page that one can use to contact by PM if needed

But, it would be nice to have a method of contact for larger regions.
For example, we just activated 3 new rpi3’s this weekend which brings Mexico up to the great big total of something like 80 sites spread across the country.

We do things on tight budgets and I would get inquires from locations across the country requesting help on tech issues (antenna construction/reception in particular and how to do things with little money).

The forum is great for English speakers, but Spanish is our language and many of us find it difficult to communicate in technical English and prefer to communicate one on one in our local language.

Now the ability of to solicit help from another distant site is gone.

you might considermapping something like this.

Davis went through a lot of growing pains on their system which is similar to yours; with many thousands of sites, real time data, archiving, and retransmit.
It regroups as you zoom in with no detail on the broader maps

… my Neaby ADS-B Sites Table is unusable since about 6 month - thank you Flightaware Team!

This is a bug in the map which as you may be able to tell has been recently overhauled. I’ve asked our web team to put the site names on the map. Thanks for your feedback.

You happen to be close to our German factory so you’re seeing new FlightFeeders as they are provisioned and tested before they ship out. I will follow-up with our web team to see if we can filter these out in a future update. Thanks.

hi eric - thanx for your reply - would be nice if they filter out these test sites :slight_smile:
have a good one

I have used the old map a lot and I know it was not working too good. The new map loads faster but lacks site names so I hope you will bring this feature back. The old map also had city names so it was easy to find other users. I can’t find my brother anymore. With the old map I could easily find his city and then him so please bring back major city names too.

Agree. The old map was slow but interesting. The new map is useless.


The new map has the site names too. See for yourself from the screenshot :wink:

When / If it works…


I wish we could zoom in 4x the current level. In a dense area it’s difficult to hover over a specific dot.

Agreed. You cannot zoom in far enough to separate nearby feeders in many cities.