Coverage in South America


Does FlightAware have complete coverage in South America? I am wanting to track flights by Lineas Aereas Suramericanas, the cargo airline based in Bogata, using B722 and B721. The operator code is LAU and nothing shows up.


Have a look at the coverage map

There is better coverage in the West than the East


No activity ever shows up for this airline, even though Bogota is in the coverage area.


Sometimes the operator of that line requires that the flights are not traced/shown. They can still be seen on your individual receiver but not on the general web page.

I saw numerous of those cases, not sure if this is the case here.



The fleet of Lineas Aereas Suramericanas is composed mainly of B727 aircraft, therefore the trail is complicated since these aircraft can only be tracked with MLAT, and in Colombia the MLAT coverage is very poor


That makes sense.