Counties on Map of Airport


Would it be possible to add counties to the maps of traffic around an airport. I know state outlines and major roadways are shown, but living in the middle of nowhere it would be neat ot be able to more accuratly ID a plane flying overhead.


You do realize that the plane you see directly overhead now won’t be shown overhead on the FA map for another 6 minutes and that the plane now overhead on the FA map was really there 6 minutes ago, don’t you? It’s not FA’s fault; it’s an FAA ‘security’ requirement.

Personally, I woud consider county outlines to be just a minor enhancement. Road patterns that are there now are just as helpful. I would consider two other enhancements far more significant:

  1. Map zoom (which has been ‘in the works’ for many, many months).
  2. A cursor ‘hover’ ID block to identify those planes that are too close to others for their own ID to appear on the map. Planes overhead my location are typically unidentified because of the proximity of other aircraft.


Yes, I’m perfectly aware of the timing.


If something should be added to the map, I think natural features sure as large streams and lakes should be added. These, in addition to the roads, would make better landmarks than county and other artificial boundaries.


You are all WRONG!!!

The map should be an overlay of satellite pictures from something like Google Earth. In fact, FA should get off their rears and get their own realtime satellite into orbit to have their own images for the maps. I expect to be able to mark my house, my dog, my wife’s car, and my car and have the ability to track the cars as we go about our daily routines. I expect HD type imagry and resolution for weather, as well as storm tracks, winter radar imaging, lightening strike information, as well as a big freaking red dot that says “YOU ARE HERE!”.*

*The preceding statements were made as a joke. If you can’t handle it, then I suggest therapy.


Yeah, but when you’re at work, who’s car is that in the driveway next to your wife’s?
:smiling_imp: :wink:


It’s okay! It’s just his best friend’s car.


It looks like a large brown delivery van… wait… Is that a hot blonde with dark roots wearing a brown uniform standing in the driveway? So that’s how it is!


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