Could Anyone Tell Me What Kind Of Plane this is??


Thanks for your Help!


ER-2 Aircraft Program

The ER-2 is a civilian version of the Air Force’s U2-S reconnaisance platform. These high-altitude aircraft are used as platforms for investigations that cannot be accomplished by sensor platforms of the private sector. Aircraft and spacecraft have proven to be excellent platforms for remote and in situ sensing. The ER-2, flying at the edge of space, can scan shorelines, measure water levels, help fight forest fires, profile the atmosphere, assess flood damage, and sample the stratosphere.


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Photo at: (warning - that site is infested with pop-ups :angry: )

Incidentally you can tell from the flight number/tail number which of NASA’s facility the airplane is based at.
400 Wallops Flight Facility Wallops Island, Virginia
500 Langley Research Center Hampton, Virginia
600 Glenn Research Center Lewis Field, Cleveland, Ohio
700 Ames Research Center Moffett Field, California
800 Dryden Flight Research Center Edwards, California
900 Johnson Space Center Houston, Texas


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