Costa Rica Radar

Hey Guys,

All of a sudden a bunch of internal flights which obviously don’t operate through FAA Airspace, are now appearing for airports in Central America. ADS-B is present in most of the cases but what really has me intrigued is that the source of information is actually our own radar!

Mata de Ca Setas RADAR - Costa Rica … C/tracklog

Take this flight for example, started out in Panama as an ADS-B movement but when it entered Costa Rican airspace it shows “Mata de Ca Setas RADAR - Costa Rica” for most of the data. Obviously this is ultra great for us as we can now see a bunch of flights we could never track before within Central America etc. I’m just curious to know how the actual CR Radar ended up feeding data to Flightaware, as ADS-B is pretty obvious, but “THE” actual radar is way too great especially since it can pick up flight plans in anticipation unlike ADS-B which won’t know where they are going. Just want to know how this works and what was the process to get it live, would be interesting this happening in other parts of the World too.


You can see the worldwide radar coverage here:
(turn off all the checkboxes except radar)
They are generally feeds negotiated directly with the ANSPs