Correct status info but no tracking data

Aircraft N772SB status is promptly and correctly identified and noted by FlightAware on the last fifteen flights as of this posting, yet no tracking information is displayed for those same flights. Why is that the case?

I see tracks … /KCLL/KDAL … /KDAL/KCLL

Can you link to specific flights with problems?

Thank you for your response. I can give you the addresses as they appear on each page, but clicking on them just takes you to the most recent flight instead of the pages corresponding to the particular flights to which I was referring; and as you note, by the time you get to the two most recent flights, the problem appears to have ceased to exist, as the tracks are visible in those two flights. To see the flights in question, though, you can scroll down to the history, after you pull up the most recent flight, and find them that way.
Here are those addresses, anyway, so you can decode the dates and times and find them that way: … /KGGG/KDAL … /kdal/kggg … /kosa/kdal … /kdal/kosa … /ksat/kdal … /kdal/ksat … /kaus/kdal … /kdal/kaus … /kelp/kdal … /kdal/kelp … /kggg/kdal … /kdal/kggg … /kggg/kdal … /kdal/kggg … /ktyr/kdal