Cornhusker Plane

Go Big Red!

Need data, please!
Is it a plane for people to learn aircraft maintenance? Registration? Previous owner? Anything!


Wow! That is cool.

Dami, if you want to ride on an even cooler plane, you can buy tickets for this one…
Go Cougs!

A photoshop tribute to the University of Nebraska Corn Husker FB program on a 155th Air Refueling Wing, Nebraska ANG, Lincoln, NE KC-135R.

You can tell it’s not real as there is no required USAF markings or insignia.

I saw the 135s in the background but didn’t put the two together. I should have known better because, as far as I know, there aren’t any re-engined 707s in civilian service and I don’t think the Air Force is giving away aircraft to colleges. Bad, David!

It looks like the 155th Air Refueling Wing is a National Guard unit based in Lincoln, NE. They’re known as the ‘Hustlin Huskers’. Although I agree that picture is photo shopped the ribbon on the top of the tail looks real and seems to borrow from the Nebraska Cornhusker’s logo. Some others like Wisconsin have a ribbon that borrows heavily from Wisconsin Badger’s logo.

161st Air Refueling Wing, AZ ANG, PHX… Note the tail ribbon.

Why’s there a tiki torch in the background?

With the way KPHX seems to go thru towers, that tiki torch might be obselete in another 5 years :unamused:

BIG mosquitoes!