Coolest Terminal


What terminal is the coolest?
i like DTW’S (nwa terminal)


I would say ANC in winter with the windows open.


Barrow, Alaska and (all in Antarctica) Scott, Williams, South Pole. All very cool terminals!


I think you are all picking the ’ coldest’ terminals.

Cool can be define as a temperature in the range of -5 C to +10 C
or 28 F to 50 F. So by definition, CYYT St. John’s NL CDN is the most consistantly coolest terminal around. :wink:


Nah, the only way to define “cool” is to state that it is spelled slightly different than “cold”. If it ain’t at least 70, the weather not nice. Ya know - the tomatOE, tomatAH type of thing.


let me rephrase it; an amazing design in the terminal, not temperatures :angry:

we don’t need to take things literally here


We, or at least, me, knew what you were talking about. We were funnin’ ya!


I like my humour dry. :smiley:

Besides, I come from a place with 23 different names for snow, so we define our temps as well. It’s all we talk aboot. :wink:


It’s got to be KIAD - Washington Dulles International! 8)


The old TWA terminal at JFK is awesome. It might get landmark status


I’m pretty sure JetBlue is moving in there also.


I don’t think its the coolest, but recent improvements at SEA (SeaTac) are very nice. There is a glass wall several stories high in the center (food court) that looks out on some of the gates and the runways. Even on the rainiest of Seattle days, its bright and relaxing.

Not-Coolest: Kansas City (MCI).


Am I the only one that watches The Discovery Channel?

There was an “Extreme Engineering” or a show similar to it about the new JetBlue terminal that is incorporating the old TWA terminal, since, apparently, the TWA terminal has been given historical landmark status, or something like that.


KIAD is really cool, the underground walkways go on forever, and you gotta love those moving lounges!!!


Unfortunately the mobile lounges are being phased out (except for some international flights). I’m gonna miss them. They’re as much a part of the airport’s character as the main terminal’s architecture.


Not at all! Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, the Everest special, How it’s Made…
quality television programming.

The old Marine Air Terminal at LGA is one of the “coolest” to me because of its history. Pan Am used to fly its Clipper from there to points overseas.
It’s now used as the GA terminal (Sheltair is the FBO) and the Delta Shuttle terminal.


Keflavik’s Terminal is very unique, one can see everything that goes on outside of te terminal. As the boarding area is all glass


This is when you realize your in Orlando Florida!!!


I have been trying to get a good pic of the old TWA terminal at JFK airport. If anyone can get one put it up. Thanks


Try here.