controller criticized for using shortcuts...


This from an article in the WSJ about a near-miss…gotta wonder why the controller was still in the job…

According to controllers and supervisors interviewed by investigators, Mr. Beck had a history of friction with fellow controllers and was criticized by some managers for using shortcuts. He was suspended in the past for tardiness and absenteeism, according to a supervisor who was interviewed by investigators. Mr. Beck also was suspended in 2007 for failing to report that he was caught driving while intoxicated, according to the supervisor cited in the report.


A near hit, you mean. A near-miss is a hit. (That’s the Frank Holbert coming out in me!)


Actually, it was George Carlin.


That’s true - it is Carlin, but wasn’t it our own in-house controller that used to bust people’s balls continuously for the near-miss talk?


You’re correct Josh, but the OP wouldn’t know of Frank as, sadly, he hasn’t been heard from in a while.


I’m sure our crotchety controller is still lurking from afar, just like I was for a while. To me, this site is like an addiction; once I log in, I have to check through all the threads. Sometimes it’s easier to just not log in and poke around from time to time to get my fix.

Edit - I did a little looking, and it appears he’s still cruising the SW in his Bellanca.


He must be hanging out in the forums at River Dave’s Place :smiling_imp:


it is unbelievably hard to fire an air traffic controller.