Does Continental Airlines have any 747’s i don’t think i have ever seen one but i don’t know if thats because theres any around? also is there any websites were you can find the types of aircrafts for every airline?


Continental use to fly 747’s when they first came out.

Use Google to find out information on airline fleets. Use the words airline and fleets.

There is also an annual book called “JP Airline Fleets International” that you can buy at the Airliners Magazine. It’s $70 (free shipping) and contains the name and fleets of every major and a mess of minor airlines throughout the world.

Also check out the Wikipedia Encylopedia


Seatguru is also a really great resource that indirectly lists the planes that make up each airline’s fleet.

#4 is a good source of information for airline fleets.

Only thing is I am not sure how up to date their information is.


I’ll bet it is in somewhere.
If not, there will be other things that you hadn’t
even thought of. -Jan / CID


Continental used to fly 747s (742s I believe, but could very well be wrong). Any international flight you’ll take nowadays will be on a 772, a 767, or even some 752 routes across the Atlantic. The closest you’ll get to a Continental 747 is a Virgin Atlantic 744 that runs a codeshare w/ CO, between EWR and LGW, for example.