Continental 737 Touring North MS ???

COA 1810, a 737, is in Tupelo, MS (KTUP) now and is scheduled into Columbus, MS (KGTR) later tonight. Although both airports have scheduled airline service with ASQ and FLG, neither has service from CO and neither has any 737 service. Just wondering if anyone knows what’s up.

Almost certainly a charter, could be a sports team but not sure exactly who is on the flights.

Just figured out it’s the LSU Football team in town to play Mississippi State tomorrow night in Starkville. My first thought was a football charter but I didn’t understand the mid-week travel. I forgot about the Thursday night games. I was also thrown off by the fact that they flew into Tupelo and they’re flying back out of Columbus. The MSU campus is less than 15 miles from GTR so MSU charters typically use it for all flights. So it’s strange that they flew into Tupelo today instead.

On a side note, there are no two football teams that I dislike with as much as passion as these two. I wish there was some way that they could both lose.

All COA 1800 series flights are charters.