Continental 1575


Does anybody know why Continental flight 1575 departed from yampa valley/hayden, colorado, and landed in denver? I have never heard of continental going to hayden, but mabey it’s just me. :confused:


Looks like a regularly scheduled flight from Hayden to Houston, but got diverted on THIS FLIGHT. Probably a maintenance problem, but I’m just speculating on that.


COA1575 is a scheduled HDN-IAH flight, as you can see by the flight history, and it must have diverted for some reason. Either that or CO was trying to pick up some of its stranded passengers.


Yeah, i knew it went from hayden to houston, but worded it wrong. Sorry.


That’s a possibility! I hadn’t thought about that.


I like your second idea. I’m not sure how full the HDN-IAH flight normally is, but I would imagine CO wanted to fill any empty seats they could, seeing as there were I-don’t-know-how-many flights to IAH cancelled over the last few days.


If CO had intended to fly into Denver to pick up stranded passengers, wouldn’t they have filed their flight plan that way? Then there wouldn’t have been any diversion.


But how do you know it’s a diversion? Looking at the flight history, it appears to have been filed to Denver in the first place.


Actually, I don’t know that it was diverted. I should have checked first, but I was responding to the flow of the topic.

In other words, you got me there!


Another very good point! Perhaps they had to see how many pax boarded in Hayden to see if a stop in Denver was feasible. It’d be okay to inconvenience 30 pax to pick up 130, but not worth it to inconvenience 140 to pick up 20.

I have noticed that diverted flights in FlightAware show three entries for a period of about 24 hours or maybe a little more:

  1. Aircraft continuing to destination
  2. Diverted flight leg
  3. Originally filed flight plan

From Dec 31, 2006:

After the period of about 24 hours or so, the originally filed flight plan disappears leaving just the two legs. I definitely remember when this topic was first posted, the three distinctive entries were present indicating that it was a diversion.