Contest: Best looking traffic pattern you've flown.

Contest: Best looking traffic pattern you’ve flown.

To prove you’ve flown there PART OF YOUR PLANE must be in the photo. I’m throwing down the gantlet with Shelter Cove California. I stopped there Monday on the way home from Oregon.

Frank Holbert

What part of Oregon?

I miss home…

Gotta be Sedona, AZ.
Sorry, the one of the airport is a lower quality shot.

Grants Pass

I make a annual run to Sedona!

It sure beats flying in Michigan. No scenery, just lakes and cultivation…

That would be the… USS Sedona… thank you very nice… :wink:

Hey, hey, hey…just because you live South of US10 doesn’t mean all of Michigan looks like that! Come on up this way, we’ve got scenery up here.

We’ve got lots to see!

Home sweet home! 8)

Jackson Hole, WY

Rock Sound, Bahamas

Staniel Cay, Bahamas

OOooooh! Those look pretty good James. I like first and last shots best.

Isn’t funny how those shots (1st & 3rd) would get rejected at in a heartbeat and yet are better than 99% of the photos on that site?

Very true. I have flown to KMCD before. Some good flying up north.

Jackson Hole, with no snow on the peaks?
Global warming at its best.
I took a bus trip with my grandmother in 1998 around 22 of the western united states parks, and we took a raft trip in jackson hole, and there were eagles, and the peaks were covered with snow. interesting.

Mmmmmm, Staniel Cay…Spent a lot of time drinking Kalik and eating conch fritters in that bar!

Your grandmother must be sooo proud. :unamused:

Conch fritters! Arrrrrrggghhhhh!!!

Chicago Midway Int’l

This isn’t my picture, but it’s a beautiful approach. I’ll try to take a pic next time I’m there.

Anybody got one of Miegs? (snif) :cry: