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Connection refused on 8080

I am port forwarding over ssh to my pod’s 8080 port (FlightAware is running on my raspi k8s cluster) and when I try to access iit via localhost:8080 I see:

E0813 09:45:26.554792 1409 portforward.go:400] an error occurred forwarding 8080 -> 8080: error forwarding port 8080 to pod 2d18ef4a8fe97cd40dae81e32d75f15f9111acb7b0aef92ad2f66364af10f803, uid : exit status 1: 2020/08/13 09:45:26 socat[15689] E connect(5, AF=2, 16): Connection refused

Any one have a clue on why it is refusing localhost:8080?

Note that outside of accessing the status page, everything else seems to be working.

What webserver do you have configured to listen on 8080?

(Neither piaware nor dump1090-fa serve any data directly over HTTP; they make data available in /run by default and rely on a separate webserver, usually lighttpd, to actually serve the data to browsers. Given that you’re using k8s, this default setup is probably not there and you will need to ensure there’s something serving the data yourself)