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Does anyone use conky to monitor running processes on raspian?
I’ve installed it and got it running but having trouble editing the config file, i searched the net but most suggest using conky manager but that won’t run.
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I haven’t heard about conky before, but what do you want to achieve?

I am using RPiMonitor (link below) on all my devices giving me Systeminformation and long term stats.
Or do you want to monitor if a process is running or not?

Keys features of RPi-Monitor — RPi-Monitor v2.13-r0 (xavierberger.github.io)

Hello foxhunter.
Thanks for your reply, I’ll check out RPImonitor,
I can already see temperature and usage percentage from the options in Raspian but I also want to see which programs are running in the background things like PiAware and the other plane clients etc.
Conky seems to fit the bill with plenty scripts available but I’m having problems editing the config file, I did a quick edit just to test it by moving the box from left top corner to right top corner and saving then reboot but it ignored the edited config file.

Came in expecting a thread about Concorde…

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Then it would have been “Concy”, not “Conky” :wink:

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