Conflicting Flight ID's in FA

May 27, 22h15 EDT, FA listed 9 airborne DH8A’s. The last one in the list was HA306, from CYVR [Vancouver Intl] to CYXT [Terrace, BC].

Upon clicking on HA306 in that list, I wound up with some Hawaiian Airline flight between a couple of Islands in the Pacific.

The only flight to Terrace on YVR’s airport timetable was an Air Canada flight 8244 leaving at a time that is reasonably compatible with the “Wheels up” time in FA.

YXT’s website does not have real-time arr-dep’s, but shows that an airline called Hawkair serves that airport. Hawkair has a IATA code [BH] and operates one DH8A.

OK… Maybe Hawkair operates some ACA flights, but certainly has nothing to do with Hawaii!!! :open_mouth:

[Unlike Flights to Hawaii, I don’t think the passengers got lei’d in the Rockies] :wink:

The “HA306” is a FA mistake that should have been HAL306.

Good catch. The website automatically forwards some of the more common IATA codes (AA, CO, DL, UA) to their ICAO equivalent (AAL, COA, DAL, UAL) for the convenience of our users, because we assumed they’d never be used. I’ve filed a bug with the programming staff to not make that ‘correction’ when the apparent IATA code+flight number is a valid flight.

I’d also like to blame the Canadian controllers for using HA instead of Hawkair’s ICAO code.

edit: Hawkair doesn’t have an ICAO code… interesting.