Concorde history question

Does any one have any information on any times where more than one Concorde landed at the same airport at the same time? I was told by someone that it happened once at KMCO in the 1980’s but he has no other details. Did it happen there and did it happen any where else if it happened in Orlando?

From The definitive Concorde Site on the Internet:

24th May: Transatlantic Services to Washington DC from London and Paris began with two Concorde’s, one in British Airways livery and the other in Air France livery landing at Dulles Airport, Washington. Before landing both aircraft simultaneously flew over the US capital and then made parallel approaches to Dulles Airport. Both aircraft touched down together, the British Concorde landed on runway 01L and the French Concorde on runway 01R. Special permission had been given by US Secretary of Transportation, William Coleman for these flights to take place.

Was there any other time this happened? I don’t know because. If someone else knows, please post it here and not has a private message.

12 Jan 79: Braniff (the only American airline to lease the Concorde) had a simultaneous landing:

On the first day of services, two Concordes (Air France, F-BTSD and British Airways, G-BOAE) flew in from the east and lined up to land on parallel runways at DFW. The simultaneous touchdown marked the beginning of regularly scheduled supersonic service between DFW and Europe by Braniff in cooperation with Air France and British Airways. The new interchange was the first of its kind involving a United States carrier and foreign airlines.


October 22, 2003, two BA Concordes landed simultaneously at Heathrow.

I am not sure if this is what would count, but while the Concorde was still in service, both AF and BA would fly Concorde to IAD with World Bank members for their meetings. There was on year we had 2 BA and 1 AF. 1 BA was the sched LHR-IAD, the other a World Bank a/c.

Dami, I have a newspaper clipping my parents saved for me from the front page of the local paper with both birds parked on twy. B nose to nose at the base of the tower. My Dad who worked for Marriott at the time out at IAD coordinated the party there at the airport for all the big wheels.

Many Thanks to all who replied! I knew that this was the best place to get the straight answer that I needed. I’m going to do a little more research and see if I can get Exact dates and Tail numbers for all simultaneous before I forward the information to the museum docent that I was having a conversation with.

Again Thank you to all who replied!