Concerns at MAD/BCN


I’d like to share a few concerns from one of my clients out of Spain, who is using FXML data for arrival/departure board information at MAD and BCN.

  • RyanAir data is still somewhat lacking compared to other airlines - delay and terminal information is especially in need of improvement.
  • MAD and BCN are the 6th and 7th busiest airports in Europe; we’d very much appreciate Spain being added to your primary coverage area.
  • For Spain and other countries beyond your primary coverage, if primary-area coverage isn’t achievable, second tier pricing for second tier data would be most appreciated.



Is your client operationally involved with the flights?


Apologies for the latency on my end, I appreciate your prompt response.

No, the client is not involved operationally with the flights, just tourist information.

If there’s any light you can shed on regulatory / cost issues impacting Spain specifically, it’d be appreciated.


Comprehensive (from an ATC perspective; won’t reflect terminals and minor boarding delays, etc.) data for European airports is available from us for those operationally involved (operators, ground handlers, etc), but not the public per Eurocontrol data distribution policies.

While the flight data is less complete outside our primary coverage area, it’s also much harder to come by, which pushes the price the other direction. On balance, we don’t see enough of a difference to be worth the overhead of changing the price in either direction.