Concentric Rings around DTW

What are the concentric rings around DTW? Cound’t find any other airports with this.

Looks like one of the NEXRAD weather radar sites was malfunctioning.

Looks neat! :laughing:

Whats up with the two airplanes towards the east that have “waggy” tails?
Looks like a Flagellum …among other things.

Probably two radar sites seeing the aircraft in slightly different positions.

I saw something very similar around LAX last week. It appeared at all ranges (national map, local map, etc.) but disappeared while I was playing with it trying to see more. Jan / Iowa

Perhaps the flights from the east are sperm donor flights. :laughing:

Yeah, I vote radar malfunction or test and you can see where it’s doing a sweep and “fixing the glitch.” Looks pretty cool if you ask me. :slight_smile: