Computer freezes up please help


After going on flight aware my computer freezes up. After a while it says AOL software has caused program to stop working. It causes computer to freeze and I must shut off computer the wrong way. Can anybody help. Thanks.


By “the wrong way” do you mean holding the power button in for 10 seconds? That’s an acceptable way of rebooting when you can’t shut down properly.

When you start back up you should see a message asking if how you want to start up again. I have no problems booting up into windows.

It sounds like you are using the AOL web browser. Don’t. Use Firefox or Internet Explorer instead. You can get Firefox at and Internet Explorer should already be installed on your machine.

Get rid of AOL. Start today - it’s a long process because AOL doesn’t make it easy for its customers to quit them. Get another Internet provider.


Buy a MAC


Or dump AOL and Internet Explorer and get/use firefox with adblock.


But DISABLE adblock when using FlightAware! FlightAware is free for most users because of the ads.


I heard AOL still had one customer.


When a friend of main finally got broadband it took him days to get rid of AOL. They have probably one person taking care of people canceling.


Everyone that ever had AOL has horror stories about trying to cancel. The easiest, most hassle-free way is to cancel whatever card they use for billing.


Or, like in the case of my friend, stop the automatic payment. This may be one case where it’s better to have the payment sent out of a checking account than a credit card because it’s quicker to stop the payment.


And that person is part time.


His name is “Bill” and he speaks with an Indian accent.