Compiling PiAware for i386


Does anyone know, how to compile PiAware for a i386 machine from github?
I’d like to run it on a thinclient.
Or is there a precompiled deb-package for i386?

edit: sorry, can be deleted; i have found the tutorial

The only architecture-specific bit is tcllauncher, the rest is just tcl which doesn’t require anything special on different architectures.
(dump1090 is another story…)

I have prebuilt Ubuntu 14.04 packages for i386 here (for piaware-mutability):

since i got some PNs, asking for the link, here it is: … rom-source

Also, scroll up a bit on that page :slight_smile: The instructions there are somewhat out of date, the “standard way” now is to use piaware_builder if you can.